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Work Hard, Party Harder

–By Upashana Neupane 
How would a major entrepreneur in the country manage his work life and life beyond office hours?
Shekhar Golchha, a prominent business figure in Nepal, shares that it is not a tough job, at least for him. He believes that managing one’s personal and professional life is not difficult if one is able to manage oneself well. Golchha says this being a very well-managed person himself.
Golchha shares that he never mixes up his work life and personal life. He keeps his office and off-office hours separate unless it is an emergency. “I don’t take even a single paper home,” he shares.
While taking a break from work, Golchha likes to hang out with friends and travel. A big-time traveller, Golchha has been to 60-70 countries around the world. And when he travels, he chooses his destination for adventure and thrill. Golchha has the spirit of an explorer. Whenever he goes out for vacation, he always makes sure the destination would be one from which he can learn new things. “I am not into shopping and beach holidays,” he shares, “I choose a place where there is action and adventure.” Golchha’s love for adventure can be found in his passion towards trekking and mountain biking.
Golchha’s craze for trekking has taken him to places like the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit inside the country and Mt Machu Picchu of Peru, glaciers in Argentina and several mountains in Turkey. “Trekking has always been my passion,” he says. “If I had more spare time, I would trek more.”
Golchha is a big socialite as well. He shares that he so much hates being alone. “I have to have people around me constantly to keep talking and sharing my ideas,” he says smiling.
He believes that taking a break in anyone’s life is very important. “One who doesn’t take a break can never be creative,” he opines. He believes that one, who only works, lives only 50 per cent of his life.
Apart from his love for adventure, Golchha keeps his interest in sports too. Though he doesn’t play much, he follows football and cricket. Golchha is available and updated in some social networking sites as well.
This adventure-loving business tycoon wishes to trek more and learn photography if he had more spare time. He also dreams of learning to fly a helicopter some day.

A Click Here And A Market There: The Growing Camera Business


–By Suraksha Adhikari 
Everyone has memories — bitter or sweet. With time memories tend to fade, but if you want your memories to sweeten as they age then thank technology — the camera is at your service.
With the cheer of the festive season, the market is crowded with people busy in buying goods for the festival. People, unlike in former festivals are interested towards technology. The importance of technology as connective devices in festivals and other occasions have allured people in many ways. Similarly, people are also attracted with the series of discount offered during the festival.
Traders say that because of the festive season, the sale of cameras – be it digital or SLR have been increasing. The camera is being recognized as a necessary gadget in today’s context. Its significance has increased much in festivals. People prefer cameras to capture moments of joy and during festivals and other occasions.
Growing Trend
There are a variety of cameras in the market including digital cameras and high resolution single lens SLRs. Digital cameras are preferred by people as it is easy to carry and easier to handle. Similarly, DSLR cameras are used by people for better quality pictures or to cover wider shots.
One of the advantages of the digital camera is that there is no limitation in the number of pictures that can be taken. Along with this, the pictures captured can also be transferred to computers and can be developed according to the wish and feasibility of the people. People prefer digital cameras to analog cameras as they cannot capture the picture more than the number set in the photographic film. Traders say that the increasing trend of these digital cameras have an effect on the sale of branded cameras.
The growing market of digital cameras clearly shows the growing interest of people towards it. Traders opine that digital cameras have a lot of opportunities in the Nepali market.
Brands Available in the Nepali Market
With a large variety of cameras in the Nepali market, some famous brands available in the market are Canon, Sony, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, Nikon and others.  All authorized dealers of these cameras in the Nepali market have introduced new model cameras during the festive season with a series of offers.
The market is full of stores that deal in digital cameras of different brands.  Stores in New road like Galaxy Photo, Royal Traders, New Amber Impex, Digital Camera Spot and more deal popular brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Kodak for compact digital cameras with one year warranty. These stores also sell professional Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR) of all brands mentioned.
Primex International – Canon’s authorised dealer in Nepal; Him Electronics – authorized dealer of Samsung in Nepal; and NepaHima Trade link – authorized dealer of Sony have introduced a new model of respective cameras on the occasion of Dashain and Tihar.
New Amber Impex also has camera accessories of brand UBCX such as camera bags, tripod, camera case, filter and more as per the requirement of the customers. About the cameras found in Galaxy Photo Mukesh KC, a staff at New Amber Impex informs, “The products are from Singapore whereas the brands are Japanese.”
Most products at these stores are from local authorised dealers where Purushottam Thapa, staff at Royal Traders shares, “The brands are all Japanese and the cameras are assembled in China.”
There are various kinds of digital cameras available in these stores in Kathmandu where the customers can opt for simple portable compact digital cameras as well as professional DSLRs. According to Sunil Goel, staff at New Amber Impex the brand Sony also has water proof compact digital camera.
There are various series where the function and system varies accordingly and he adds, “In the compact digital camera of Sony WX50, you can get a panorama function for a wider view and a 3D movie function as well. Likewise, in compact digital cameras of Cannon IXY420F, you will get high mega pixels, full HD, Image Stabiliser with Wifi and a touchscreen.” Shopkeepers say that while purchasing a camera one must look into the print order that compact digital cameras offer rather than high megapixels. The quality of print depends upon the print order where Sony has A3 size print order, Cannon has A2 and Samsung has A1.
In portable digital cameras, you can get colours as per your wish ranging from silver, black, pink, blue and more. “The camera must have cases or bags. And while handling a compact digital camera, it would be better if you use the strap of the camera while using it,”says KC from New Amber Impex.
Market Status in Nepal
The customers are interested in digital cameras as they can get a high resolution camera in relatively cheaper prices. At a minimum price of Rs 7000, people can get cameras with a focus of 8 megapixels.
The traders say that in comparison to the brands of other countries, customers prefer the brands of Japan and Korea. Digital camera of Sony from japan is popular in Nepal. Dinesh Agrawal, Sales Manager of Primex International says that this brand is more popular in the Nepali market as it has various new features in comparison to other old model cameras.
Similarly the price of the digital camera is also decreasing because of high competition between various brands of cameras. These cameras attract customers because of their portability, easy handling features and various features with
high quality.
Encouraging growth in sales aside, traders are experiencing various hurdles in this business. Though the competition is very high, traders claim that quality maintenance is not fair in the market. With the plethora of products available in the market, complaints about duplicate products are also on the rise. The growth of unhealthy competition and duplicate products that degrade market credibility is one of the few negative aspects in this business.
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